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Last weekend, my boyfriend (Nick) and my parents and I traveled to Chicago for my Uncle’s wedding weekend!  We had a fabulous time with family and friends, but it was also an opportunity for us to explore the Windy City, as out of the four of us, only one of us had ever been there before.  One of the many things I was looking forward to was a class at one of SoulCycle’s newest location – LOOP.

SoulCycle is comprised, currently, of 45 indoor cycling studios spanning the US from NYC to California.  Since the studios are mainly located in bigger cities, at this point in time, I wanted to take advantage of having access to a studio and see what the SoulCycle experience was all about!

The LOOP is located at 111 West Wacker Street, and my experience began as soon as the studio came in to my view!  The studio has an aura about it; designed with a contemporary style, including clean lines, bright colors and chrome accents,  that make you want to peek in the windows and see what’s going on inside!  As you walk through the doors, you know that this workout is going to be badass.

We were greeted by the front desk staff who were of utmost help in introducing us to the studio.  After we signed in (I had signed us up ahead of time, which I recommend so that you can ensure there is a bike reserved for you), we were introduced to the open locker area where we could store our personal belongings – all the lockers had built in locks for clients, and even included charging ports for your phone, are you flipping kidding me?! Awesome!!!  There were also towels and restrooms stocked with complimentary toiletries for after your workout.

When we were ready to enter the Soul Studio, an assistant ensured, since this was our first SoulCycle class, that we had proper bike set-up and that our shoes were clipped in correctly. I had brought my own cycling shoes and they worked fine with their bikes (I use these clips).  Since Nick doesn’t have cycling shoes, he opted to borrow a pair from the studio – which are complimentary for your first ride.  Their bikes do not have toe cages, so you will either have to bring your own shoes or use the ones at the studio. Once we were settled, we ready to rock!

Our instructor, Naz, lead us through 45 minutes of sprints, tap backs and a hill, all to heart-thumping beats. There was also a track dedicated to some light weight arm work – just grab your two to eight pound weights located conveniently under your bike seat and you will work through a track that leaves your arms feeling like jello! Before the class came to an end, the lights were shut off, and we rode to a track to center our minds and bodies, and “set our intentions.”  And then BAM, lights were back on, and we finished with a powerful ride to spin out any last bit of energy we had in us!

The bikes were super sleek and you couldn’t help but get your body bumping back and forth to the contagious beats.   I would highly recommend anyone trying out a SoulCycle class if you have the chance.  It’s a truly unique experience and I look forward to the next time I have an opportunity to ride with SoulCycle!

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  1. Louise · July 14, 2015

    Great review and a fantastic weekend spent with family in the “Windy City”

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