Quarter Deck Athletics

This week’s review brought me to one of the most happening buildings downtown – The Hotel Lafayette where a one-of-a-kind facility now calls home! Quarter Deck Athletics is located in the former Butterwood Sweet and Savory space – with an entrance right off of Washington Street.

What’s in a name? Quarter Deck Athletic’s is named after the part of a Naval ship that is reserved for Officers.  QDA explains, “we are grateful for the opportunities afforded to us and the sacrifices that have been made to allow us the freedoms we so enjoy. We have great respect and admiration for those who have and continue to serve in the military. That is why we chose the name we did.”

Owned and operated by Dr. Dennis Lesniak, you will quickly feel the sense of community and pride that this fitness facility has to offer.  At Quarter Deck Athletics, Dennis’ goal is to push his clients with an intense workout, that is coupled, first off,  with consistency and a good range of motion.  We spent the first 15 minutes of class just warming up our bodies – joint by joint – with explicit instruction from Dennis on how to safely get ready for the days WOD.

Dennis designs each and every workout – and every workout is designed to challenge all clients in a way so that their bodies can’t adapt to the training – he strives to constantly give his clients a stimulus from their workout.  Everyday, the workout is posted for clients to review before class – if they choose.  There will be variables of the workout left out of the post – intentionally – this keeps things interesting!

The structure of the class I attended was as follows:

Warm up –  Led by Dennis and completed together as a group

Full body CARS
Controlled articulator rotations

Strength – Dennis reviewed the three moves to ensure proper form was practiced.  Since I have limited experience with barbells, Dennis spent extra time with me on understanding basic form before I was able to lift any weights.

3 strict press + 3 push press
+ 3 split jerk

WOD – This was NO joke!  I was able to finish three full rounds and just begin push ups in the fourth round.

Amrap (As Many Reps as Possible) 20 minutes
30 push ups
30 box jumps
30 bent over rows with the barbell
500 M run

This workout was badass – picture dripping sweat, breathless, and thirsty like you’re trekking through the Sahara. But it felt amazing.

QDA not only offers over 50 classes per week, but there is also chiropractic (hence, Dr. Dennis) and nutritional services available.  On Saturdays, there is a Kinesthetic Stretching class offered, and on Sundays, QDA is working to incorporate community classes involving the Veterans Outreach Center.

Quarter Deck Athletic’s workouts are designed for the most elite athletes, but are intended for a broader market.  The community is made up of a multitude of different clients with different skill sets and lifestyles, and all are invited to join the workout.  There is always options and modifications available to ensure that all clients are comfortable and safe. Whether you’re training for a CrossFit Competition or just looking to get back into shape, QDA’s workouts are made to fit your goals and aspirations.

Currently, Quarter Deck Athletics is running a groupon special for $85 you get $170 worth of services.  They offer a variety of memberships ranging from unlimited packages to punch cards. If your workout is missing that one-two punch – QDA can reinvigorate your routine with proven results and a community that will support your efforts and hold you accountable! Check them out today!

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  1. Anita Hawley · September 23, 2016

    Fantastic write up!


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